Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Perfect Match

When we were married, I brought these into my husband's life:

Turns out, he came with his own baggage, which included these:

Can there be any doubt that we were meant to be together?  I'll bet Edward Stratemeyer would have thought so.

There is a certain set of people who don't place Nancy or the boys high on the literary scale.  And, although I intend to be a judicious gatekeeper between my children and the books they read, I loved Nancy too profoundly as a child to deny her to my children.  I'm delighted that my son has taken an interest in the family collection this summer.

He has his dad read from a Hardy Boys book at night and me read from a Nancy Drew book during the day.  He is careful not to discriminate.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How Our Garden Grows

To break the blogging draught, I decided to post some pictures of the plants growing in our yard/garden.  It's a good time of the year here in Oklahoma before the oppressive summer heat sets in.  The plants are looking good.

Cauliflower nearly ready to harvest:'s still trying to get it together:

Onions, consistently our most successful 'crop':

There are annual favorites....

And perennial favorites:

Actually, there are many perennial favorites--we're big heuchera fans around here:


But if I had to pick what brings me the most joy, it is this sight our first blueberry crop:

Despite the lack of posting, we've been very busy in the school room.  I need to get back to the business of chronicalling our efforts here on the blog.